I love Kim! She is so good at what she does. Her passion is for helping others "go do" what they were created for. She simultaneously gives grace and challenges me to continue investigating my strengths and interests. She asks great questions, provides applicable resources, and makes connections. I highly recommend Kim as a "life coach"! Her investment in me as an individual and in my future has been invaluable. I am very grateful for her time and wisdom.

- Kelly DeCaster


When I came to Kim, I wasn't overwhelmed by my workload but rather completely lost on where to go next in my 3 businesses, and rather unproductive as a result. I had a clear grasp of my career and life direction about a year ago, but due to some outside circumstances I lost that vision & was working a boring 9-5 in the mean time to make ends meet. It was hard for me to mobilize and gain momentum because I didn't know where I wanted to be. I thought I wanted to work towards freelancing but also hated working alone; I wanted to make it in fashion but cared about sustainable manufacturing (and this goes on and on). I had worked with career-specific coaches in the past, but while valuable their advice always felt incomplete since each industry leader would push me to go full time in their own industry, instead of tailoring a plan specific to me. (I don't blame them, but it seemed difficult for others to visualize a life that didn't look like their own.) Then, I found Kim. I was wary of 'life coaches' who'd tell me to believe in myself more, when that was not the root of the problem. I had benefited greatly from therapy/counseling, but it was much less career-specific than I wanted. As Kim would say, she gets to give advice and repeat back to you what you are saying since she is NOT a therapist ;) That kind of push and feedback is exactly what I needed. My friends and family had listened to parts of my dilemma before, but never distilled it down. Kim is the absolute perfect mix of monumental "a-ha" moments (like when I realized I can set equally important goals in business AND life- no wonder I always felt pulled in two directions!) and practical, down-to-earth advice (like her showing me the life I envisioned before is NOT necessarily what's best for me). You won't leave feeling 'inspired' and then have no accountability after — rather, Kim gives you REAL inspiration for every sphere of life. I cannot speak highly of her enough.

Also — as an anecdote — I didn't know she was a faith-based practice at first, but was open to it. I was worried she'd be another Christian giving bad, oversimplified Jesus-advice or would police emotions (hello, growing up too conservative!). I wanted someone to give me the real, raw truth. I'd been stuck for too long to settle for something that would make me feel good only. But no. She didn't ever shame me for speaking out about where I was at with God, but rather essentially sent a WORD of the Lord to me and reaffirmed my calling in a way that still left room for growth. It didn't feel forced or anything. This was all on my initiative though — I can assure you that no matter where you are at with spirituality in general, or if you are not in a place to engage with it at all, Kim will guide you gently and with humility and grace. She is empathetic, professional, responsive, supportive, and to top it all off, hilarious. I don't want to move to the South but she's a convincing reason to consider it. ;) If she's a friend in your life, you are ONE lucky person.

More than anything, Kim makes you feel known. The biggest hindrance to achieving my deepest goals was actually loneliness, or feeling 'othered' from the world. She is someone who truly is 'in my corner' in every way, and that in itself feels like I've moved the mountain in between me and completing those goals, beyond gaining clarity from her and implementing a new plan of action.

- Rebecca, Designer and Photographer


In the last year, Kim has rewired the way I set goals and go after what I want. Someone who is capable of seeing and activating the bigger picture, Kim inspires and pushes her clients to new levels. Before working with Kim I had a lot of goals but struggled to execute them. I felt defeated numerous times because, no matter how many times I wrote the goals down, I wasn't capable of turning my dreams into a reality. Kim stepped in to walk the journey of goal-setting with me. She taught how to break down goals into action steps while showing me how to make room for what really matters. Especially being self-employed, it was so helpful to work with Kim monthly to prioritize my health, finance, and career goals. I will thank Kim and her beautiful work for years to come as her structure continues to guide me to this day. If you are looking to be motivated and finally make progress then Kim is your best option. Get ready for a cheerleader, a go-getter and a great friend to join your team.

- Hannah Brencher,


Kim is really phenomenal at helping you dig into your mission and vision so that you can create goals that align with who you are. She truly is gifted at seeing people and their potential and I am so thankful for her facilitation and investment.

- Ashley Beaudin, #theimperfectboss ,


Kim's goal-setting techniques and monthly coaching sessions will shift the way you view your God-given gifts and dreams. Where you may be looking at your dreams and asking "how can I pursue this", her ability to deliver encouragement and accountability with grace shifts that question to "how can I not pursue this".

- Meri Kate Purgason, Writing To Remember, 


When I met with Kim, I was completely blown away. I could not have asked for a better coach. She met me right where I was and did not judge me in any way which allowed me to be 1000% transparent with all my anxieties, fears, and any blocks or "failures" that I encountered. I felt truly understood and that she was completely in my corner. I can't say enough about how I now know where I'm headed with clarity and what I also learned from Kim is that adjusting your goals is not a bad thing. When something keeps not being attained, it's okay to revisit how it can be refined or rearranged so that I am still winning in that area and moving forward. She also helped me accept something that an overachiever like myself needed to know.........It takes time and you might not get to it 100%. Reward yourself for what you've accomplished so far. It's not a race. It's truly a marathon! I'm beyond grateful for the life I know I'm building and the clarity I was able to carve out or all our sessions. You cannot go wrong! But I will say this, be ready to do the work. Because that's the only way you will see the amazing results Kim will guide you to. No shortcuts!

- Njeri Bishota Sourbrine


I enjoyed attending this workshop in March after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season was over. It was a great time to start fresh and really create a plan of action to achieve my personal and professional goals. When it's so easy to feel like every aspect and task in life has been dumped in a blender and the "FAST" button has been pressed, Kim helps you take a moment to be intentional with your "to do" list by focusing on them instead of adding to them.

- Haley Browning


The Whiteboard Room did more than revive and cultivate the dreams I already had, it helped me get organized and focused, weeding out all of the unnecessary fluff and detours so that I had space for new ideas that would help me reach my goals.  

The Whiteboard Room helped teach me how to make goals and actually attain them.  From fitness goals to business goals, and everywhere in between.  Dreams don't seem so daunting anymore.  

- Ruthie Weil


Kim's passion for her work and her love and dedication to her clients is unrivaled.

- Krista Winbigler


One of the best things I did for myself this year was attend a goal setting workshop with The Whiteboard Room. I was able to set my goals with intention and create an arsenal of tools to help me work towards them!

- Rebekah Clark Moody, Forage & Fleur


The workshop's practical steps to reaching your goals makes you feel so empowered to run after them! One of the best feelings was walking away that day with my goals for the month. Not feeling overwhelmed or worried I couldn't do it, but excited to wake up the next day and kill it!

- Anna


Kim is using The Whiteboard Room to do big things for the people of Atlanta. I walked into her Goal Setting Workshop in January full of nervousness mixed in with a little fear and I left feeling empowered and motivated, ready to take on the world! ...or at least my business. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity! 

What I love about working with Kim is that not only is she extremely knowledgable about goals and goal setting, she's passionate about YOURS. She gets invested in your story, your business, your strengths and weaknesses and pushes you to be a better version of yourself.

- Jenn Gietzen, Write On! Design + Hand Lettering


The Whiteboard Room's goal setting workshop was exactly what I needed to set meaningful goals, prioritize them, and kick start them into action. I highly recommend it!

- J. Cummings


Spending a 1/2 day with Kim was just what I needed to get my goals organized and written. I felt like I had lots of goals swimming around in my head but, like most, life was to busy to stop and figure it all out. Kim helped me get all those goals prioritized, down on paper and spaced out throughout the months to come. This was a very beneficial workshop and I enjoyed Kim's teaching!

- Elizabeth


Working with The Whiteboard Room is a great opportunity to clear your head and start from scratch if needed. It doesn't matter if you come with a million ideas for goals or just one, Kim will help you clarify the big picture, and then hone in on the important steps you must take in order to reach your bigger goals. I loved that I had time to really dig in and clear out some of the clutter in my mind that seemed to be getting in the way of my vision. I have no doubt that, no matter the goal, this workshop would be beneficial to many people.

- Laura Sue Johnson


Since the workshop my life it's starting to feel a little bit more organized. I lived a very busy, crazy life and never had time to do anything. Since I wasn't used to writing down my goals it always felt like a snowball that kept getting bigger and bigger. Now, my husband and I set time every week to through our goals and every month we check to see what we accomplished. I am still a work in progress but a lot better from where I started. One of the goals that I had on my heart and was praying about at the time of the workshop was to quite my job and start my own business. It took me couple months but I finally did it! It wasn't easy to completely get out of my comfort zone, but I did and last week I opened my etsy store. 

- Luana Hayes, Lu & Lu Boutique


Kim took our program to the next level. She takes complicated processes and distills them down to something useable and manageable. She is a woman of impeccable character & is extremely reliable. She is a natural born coach & can lead your business or your personal life to clear goals, definable success & clarified purpose.

- Kyle Dennard


The workshop was helpful to me when pushing me to separate a time to think about the bigger picture and set steps to accomplish them in key areas of my life. It also really encouraged me to choose to prioritize being focused on what I need to do as each step to achieve a bigger goal. Kim’s passion for greatness is evident and contagious! 

- Daniele


Kim is refreshingly honest, bold and to the point, tactful and professional.  A highly capable, incredibly assertive, tell-it-like-it-is down to earth kinda gal who is amazingly easy to talk to, relate to, and confide in.  I feel absolutely privileged to know her.  I have had several opportunities now to utilize Kim’s gifting for professional advice, and feel confident in her ability to provide sound God-honoring wisdom.  Kim is a gem.

- Ashley Harrison


Before I met Kim, I had come to a point where I was ready to find some direction in my life. I had a thousand ideas about what my future could hold, but nothing really stuck out. In a future full of possibilities, I found myself asking basic, foundational questions like 'who am I' and 'what do I really want to do with my life'. I was a bit lost to be honest and didn’t know where to start.

Since working with Kim, I’ve been able to think and operate clearer than ever because I am beginning to understand who I am and what I have been uniquely created to do. Understanding who you are, where you've come from and how you’re made is pivotal when you are trying to find your purpose and direction in life. 

Kim is personable, professional and sincerely cares about my journey. I am beyond grateful for the time, resources, support, and encouragement she has poured into me!

- Ashley Penny


Kim is an excellent coach! Not only is she encouraging and motivating, she is always finding the best way to work with each individual client! I would highly recommend working with her! 

- Rebekah


"I was able to talk with Kim for an hour and I'm still encouraged by that hour. I was able to hear, "Reid, I've been where you're at. It's going to be okay!" from someone who is accomplishing what I want to accomplish. Kim was knowledgeable and experienced, but also let me share my questions and concerns about a career as a life coach. If you want simple answers to hard questions, head Kim's way!"

- Reid Mason