Unlocking Greatness

Accountability is crucial to success. Athletes have coaches for a reason, because they know that at some point they will want to give up, not practice, eat a cheeseburger... you get the picture. BUT the coach's success is tied to the athletes success and so the coach does everything possible to encourage, spur on, push, motivate, challenge, and inspire the athlete to accomplish THEIR goals. I want to be this person for you.

Over the course of 1 year I will walk with you to set and move intentionally toward your goals.

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How can this help you? Here are some testimonies from people who have gone through this program: 

"In the last year, Kim has rewired the way I set goals and go after what I want. Someone who is capable of seeing and activating the bigger picture, Kim inspires and pushes her clients to new levels. Before working with Kim I had a lot of goals but struggled to execute them. I felt defeated numerous times because, no matter how many times I wrote the goals down, I wasn't capable of turning my dreams into a reality. Kim stepped in to walk the journey of goal-setting with me. She taught how to break down goals into action steps while showing me how to make room for what really matters. Especially being self-employed, it was so helpful to work with Kim monthly to prioritize my health, finance, and career goals. I will thank Kim and her beautiful work for years to come as her structure continues to guide me to this day. If you are looking to be motivated and finally make progress then Kim is your best option. Get ready for a cheerleader, a go-getter and a great friend to join your team."

Hannah Brencher, HannahBrencherCreative.com


"What I love about working with Kim is that not only is she extremely knowledgable about goals and goal setting, she's passionate about YOURS. She gets invested in your story, your business, your strengths and weaknesses and pushes you to be a better version of yourself."

Jenn GietzenWrite On! Design + Hand Lettering


"When I met with Kim, I was completely blown away. I could not have asked for a better coach. She met me right where I was and did not judge me in any way which allowed me to be 1000% transparent with all my anxieties, fears, and any blocks or "failures" that I encountered. I felt truly understood and that she was completely in my corner. I can't say enough about how I now know where I'm headed with clarity and what I also learned from Kim is that adjusting your goals is not a bad thing. When something keeps not being attained, it's okay to revisit how it can be refined or rearranged so that I am still winning in that area and moving forward. She also helped me accept something that an overachiever like myself needed to know.........It takes time and you might not get to it 100%. Reward yourself for what you've accomplished so far. It's not a race. It's truly a marathon! I'm beyond grateful for the life I know I'm building and the clarity I was able to carve out or all our sessions. You cannot go wrong! But I will say this, be ready to do the work. Because that's the only way you will see the amazing results Kim will guide you to. No shortcuts!"

-Njeri Bishota Sourbrine


"Kim's goal-setting techniques and monthly coaching sessions will shift the way you view your God-given gifts and dreams. Where you may be looking at your dreams and asking "how can I pursue this", her ability to deliver encouragement and accountability with grace shifts that question to "how can I not pursue this"."

Meri Kate Purgason, Writing To Remember, https://www.writingtoremember.com/