As Simon Sinek says, “Start with why.” I love that! I believe that every decision we make, if we make it intentionally, can have a positive impact and propel us in our mission. Here is my why:

We exist to inspire people and companies to reach their personal potential for greatness.

There is a story behind that mission and one day I would love to sit down with you and tell you every little detail but for now I'll share the highlights of why I do what I do.

When I graduated college I went into a cubicle job which I quickly realized I was not made for. During that season I was frustrated at the lack of purpose I felt. Because of that I spent a lot of time praying and looking for other opportunities but nothing was changing. One day, inspired by an email, I wrote out the mission statement above.

I realized that my purpose was greater than, and not contingent on, any specific job or role. Slowly but surely I began to change my perspective and started looking for opportunities to intentionally live out my mission regardless of my circumstances.

We all have purpose, a unique role to play, unique strengths and personality that give us a perspective no one else has, and a story to tell! I believe that those things matter and they can help us define our mission and goals.

When I look at people I see potential; I see how their stories, their personalities, strengths, struggles, their passions, and values, each piece of who they are, creates a puzzle that is starting to show it’s full picture but still leaves mystery to be discovered! Through several pieces of my own story and a passion for helping others see their potential, I started a mentorship program. 

At the end of the mentorship program I would help my clients set goals and I quickly realized that I wanted to find a way to serve and add value to my clients as they began to work toward those goals. Through my research a passion grew for this discipline and I knew that I had to do something. I had to first begin setting goals myself! (Seriously, if you aren’t already, set a goal! It is absolutely incredible the difference simply writing your goals down makes!) That mentorship program quickly grew and married with my knowledge of business, consulting experience, and my desire to help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Goal setting doesn’t make you great, goals are a tool, a really efficient tool, that help unlock the greatness that is already there.

By helping people understand their potential and then set goals to pursue the fullness of that potential, I am honored to be ‘coach’ to amazing intentional people who are changing their communities and the world one intentional decision at a time!

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