Goal Setting Intensive

This program is designed for those of you who desire to live intentionally and move toward the greatness God has called you to. During this half day session we will talk about how to set goals well and with intention. You will walk away with a personal profile, character and impact statements, written goals, and an action plan.  

This program is available as a one-on-one session in person or virtually, or as a workshop for groups.

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How can this help you? Here are some testimonies of people who have gone through this program: 

"Kim is really phenomenal at helping you dig into your mission and vision so that you can create goals that align with who you are. She truly is gifted at seeing people and their potential and I am so thankful for her facilitation and investment."

Ashley Beaudin, #theimperfectboss , http://www.ashleybeaudin.com/

"The Whiteboard Room did more than revive and cultivate the dreams I already had, it helped me get organized and focused, weeding out all of the unnecessary fluff and detours so that I had space for new ideas that would help me reach my goals.  

The Whiteboard Room helped teach me how to make goals and actually attain them.  From fitness goals to business goals, and everywhere in between.  Dreams don't seem so daunting anymore."  

Ruthie Weil

"Spending a 1/2 day with Kim was just what I needed to get my goals organized and written. I felt like I had lots of goals swimming around in my head but, like most, life was to busy to stop and figure it all out. Kim helped me get all those goals prioritized, down on paper and spaced out throughout the months to come. This was a very beneficial workshop and I enjoyed Kim's teaching!"