Coaching Opportunities 

We are based in Atlanta, GA and offer both in-person and virtual coaching.

The Whiteboard Room exist to inspire people and companies to their personal potential for greatness. With a focus on goal setting and accountability, we coach creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals to define and achieve their goals.

The Whiteboard Room was founded by Kim when she recognized that many entrepreneurs, specifically creatives, have trouble bringing the big vision down to the day-to-day tasks, defining systems, and maintaining healthy life rhythms. Kim has developed programs and resources with the creative and the entrepreneur in mind to help in these areas.

You have great potential. To reach that potential we need to get you in the right game + the right position, set goals + make a plan, and execute. As a coach it is my promise to be in your corner encouraging, challenging, and motivating you as you work toward your goals.

Discovering Your Potential

Goal Setting Kickstart

Unlocking Greatness

Ideation Sessions

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